Thursday, December 14, 2006

Verbalist Manifesto/FAQ, Part 1

§ 1. What is verbalism?
Some call it profession — for me, it is lifestyle. Verbalist is one who has achieved mastery of words; and, because human thought processes are done through words and words only, who have achieved mastery of himself and others.

§ 2. Why verbalism is important?
Verbalist is jack-of-all-trades on steroids. (S)he is marketer, writer, designer, programmer, journalist, spiritual guru, philosopher and merchant — all at once. Thus, by becoming a verbalist you transcend boundaries of professions, just like high-class physicists/mathematicians transcend boundaries of science disciplines. You will never worry about gaining or losing jobs, because your skills will make you important to everybody — you will again be depressed, because you will truly know yourself

§ 3. How can I become a verbalist?
Many of us, perhaps unconsciously, came to verbalism through endless self-perfection, heated study in variety of subjects and constant practice in applied mastery of words. If you consider yourself having enough intellectual capacity to rise head and shoulders above nameless crowd, you can do the same — or seek a verbalist guru to nurture you in mastery of human nature.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Let me introduce myself. My name is Ivan Cherevko, I am man of many trades, and I blog to introduce my craft to the world — craft of verbalism.

When looking for verbalism, any dictionary will yield you this (or something like this):

ver·bal·ism (vûrb-lzm)
a. An expression in words; a word or phrase.
b. The manner in which something is phrased; wording.
2. A wordy phrase or sentence that has little meaning.
3. Abundant use of words without conveying much meaning.

But I don’t consider myself using words abundantly without conveying much meaning; or leaning to wordy sentences. I want to tell you about different kind of verbalism, hailing for Lating word verbum [word].

For me, verbalist is one who have gained, either from birth or from practice, mastery over words.

What does it mean?
Stay tuned.